The Cassou Institute for Creative Freedom (CICF) was founded in 2015 to promote the discovery of each person’s innate creative potential through the painting process discovered by Michele Cassou. As a nonprofit foundation, CICF strives to make this intuitive painting process available to all regardless of age, race, socioeconomic status or physical development. Our vision is to continue the teachings of Michele Cassou through painting workshops and scholarships available throughout the United States and Europe by certified teachers of the Cassou painting process. CICF strives to keep the Cassou intuitive painting process alive and accessible in the years to come to all who seek this insightful path of creative freedom and expression.

Community Outreach

We believe the intuitive painting process developed by Michele Cassou should be made available to all regardless of age, race, socioeconomic status and/or physical development.

If you would like to bring this process into your school, community or institution, please send us a note using the contact form below.

Recent Blog Posts

Exciting Outreach program in Marin!

We are happy to report that on June 6, 2019, Amanda Basler and Corinne Troisfontaine offered a workshop on children’s creativity to 11 summer staff at a nearby non-profit called Slide Ranch (Part of the Golden Gate recreation area in San...

Community Outreach at Esalen

Our team just returned from Esalen for our yearly June workshop. We had the most wonderful time enjoying the true magic of spontaneous inspiration. Our group included people from all corners of the world and all came eager to rediscover creativity in its purest...

About the Point Zero Painting Process & It’s Founder

Michele Cassou designed a revolutionary way of unblocking the creative potential: The Point Zero method. This unique self-questioning method leads individuals into the wild, untamed place within all of us where there are no judgments or rules. This is the place where people can feel fully alive and creative, a place where they can express and explore the mystery of their lives.

Michele is known internationally for her groundbreaking work in stimulating the creative potential, dissolving creative blocks and exploring the spiritual dimensions of the creative process.

Michele, a passionate painter, has painted thousands of paintings. She is the author of Point Zero: Creativity Without Limits, Life Paint and Passion: Reclaiming the Magic of Spontaneous Expression and Kid’s Play: Igniting Children’s Creativity. She has authored 7 books, 5 DVDs, and a dozen audio recordings on discoveries about creativity. You can find out more about Michele and the courses she offers at


A percentage of all book sales benefits the Cassou Institute for Creative Freedom.

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