Frances Raiford received a CICF scholarship for a 5 day Intuitive Painting workshop with Cherie Ray at True You Creativity Studio in Houston, Texas. Frances participated virtually. Read about Frances’ experience.

Prior to beginning the Intuitive Painting Workshop, my feelings ranged from anxiety to curiosity to excitement to gratitude and a return to anxiety. Despite a multitude of conflicting emotions, during the first day of the workshop, my anxiety quickly dissipated.  

“Creating with no goal in mind” was liberating. For two days I was present and at peace with the process of painting. I did not need a finished product at the end of the day. On the third day I was no longer content to be guided by intuition alone. I wanted to edit, change, and make better. On the fourth day I was consumed with doubt. How will intuitive painting improve and/or enhance the way I create? How will this process help me live more creatively? 

I wanted to make the images in the paintings better or different from the way they appeared on paper. But even with my desire to fix, change, and/or edit, a stronger inclination was in play. I did not want my resistance preventing me from the unfolding of my own creative energy.

Thanks to Cherie’s guidance and support I was able to quiet my critical mind and return to “creating with no goal in mind.”

With gratitude. Frances Raiford. 
Artist. Born in Washington, D.C. Lives in Arlington, Virginia. Attended Northern Virginia Community College and the Corcoran School of Art.