Our team just returned from Esalen for our yearly June workshop. We had the most wonderful time enjoying the true magic of spontaneous inspiration. Our group included people from all corners of the world and all came eager to rediscover creativity in its purest form . The studio became more and more lively as time passed and freedom entered the painting process, surprising many by its depth.

We also had an evening presentation for the Esalen community and showed a video where I shared some of my experiences painting as well as my dedication to this wonderful process. This process continues to deliver insights to me after 50 plus years of exploring its limitless nature. The gifts of this process are what I so passionately want to share with others so they may have their own experiences in this exploration.

I would like to express my deep appreciation to Cherie Ray, Jane Malek, Bobbie Florida, Amanda Basler, Jeff Savage and Bonnie Cohen for their wonderful care and loving support of the workshop blooming in many dimensions.

With love,