We are happy to report that on June 6, 2019, Amanda Basler and Corinne Troisfontaine offered a workshop on children’s creativity to 11 summer staff at a nearby non-profit called Slide Ranch www.slideranch.org. (Part of the Golden Gate recreation area in San Francisco.) 

Through the Cassou Foundation’s community outreach program they offered an introduction to the creative painting experience by working with the teachers.

They started with the viewing of Michèle Cassou’s video “The Flowering of Children’s Creativity” and then had an open discussion reviewing principles of pure self-expression, which allows children the freedom to create and express their unique voices. The program was followed by a hands-on painting workshop, which helped the teachers to practice the basic principles: a first taste of their own self-expression through creative painting!

We thank Amanda and Corinne for giving their time, care, and love to this special event.