I was bitten, but by what?  It happened at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House in majestic Taos, New Mexico in the early 2000’s.  This is where I met Michele Cassou and directly experienced her Point Zero Painting Process.

I had put my name on the waiting list for my very first workshop, feeling confident that it wasn’t going to happen.  Two weeks before the workshop was to begin, I got the call that I’m in.  Yikes! What have I done!! Since I had dropped out of every formal art class I had ever enrolled in, I had great doubts about what I could possibly do for 9 days in front of a piece of paper!  It’s no joke when I say I didn’t have a clue what I would do. I meant it.  I was afraid AND had no art experience.  But something propelled me to show up anyway. The first few days were filled with doubt and skepticism. I really couldn’t wrap my head around the concept of “no right way “ to do this process — there was “no wrong way” to do this process; everybody in the studio “got it” but me; and there was nothing to “figure out”!  After the third full day of putting paint on paper, something inside me was deeply touched.  Something that had longed to be present in my life.  Something that I didn’t know I was missing. Michele’s process was an invitation to experience being me and to explore following my intuition with no consequences.

As I reflect back, I realize what I was bitten by — 100% permission, freedom, and natural creativity. And my life was transformed. That bite was the best bite ever!

This process continues to introduce me to the limitless nature of life and the benevolent spiritual intelligence that handles all of the details.

Cherie Ray, Point Zero Facilitator.Coach.Consultant

I’m committed to my clients in support of them following their internal spark while, seeing the simple in what looks complex, with a feeling of light-hearted learning. In my decades of exploring the spiritual nature of life while navigating life in real time, I see where real leverage comes from.  I support Michele Cassou in her workshops and trainings.  I offer painting workshops virtually and in Houston, Texas at True You Creativity Studio.
www.trueyoucreativity.com and www.cherieray.com